American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II 3 Piece Set, Purple/Grey

April 7, 2017 - Comment
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Siberia2k says:

To correct the reviewers complaining about getting a cheaper version and for a real review. I never write reviews, but I have to in this case because there are others who don’t know what they are talking about with regard to American Touristers product lines. I’ve read a few reviews that claim they got “stuck with a counterfeit or a cheaper version” of the product that they ordered; nonsense, they just don’t know what they are talking about. There are 2 very similar looking product lines, this one the FIELDBROOK (again the product that I’m reviewing now) and the upscale (and costing twice as much) BROOKFIELD line. Both products look very similar but the BROOKFIELD has a more finished look, the inside is lined better and has 4 swivel wheels. The FIELDBROOK (again the product this review is actually for) is half the cost of the BROOKFIELD, is semi lined and has 2 fixed inline wheels. I have to assume they ordered the FIELDBROOK and are confusing it with it’s higher priced sibling the BROOKFIELD thus making their reviews somewhat null.Now for a review of the…

Joy says:

Great luggage

Dear_Child says:

Not made for the long haul Mine looked just like they do in the image, however I seem to have gotten the lower quality/rip off version that another reviewer spoke of. First I opened the main compartment of the largest case, the zipper opened smoothly but the positives stop there. The “lining” of the main compartment was just a loosely fitting bit of fabric held on with dots of velcro in each corner that looked to me like the mere movement of clothes would dislodge them – completely defeating the purpose of the lining. The lining fabric itself felt, and sounded more like paper than fabric, this applied to the linings in the main compartment and the two front pockets. When I tested the pull out handle it was wobbly and felt flimsy to the touch. The back panel of the case was thin and looked a bit loose. I didn’t even bother opening the rest of the cases after that. I was looking for something a little more long term and as it is, this set is not it for me.UPDATE: 01/14/2016I realized…

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